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                      Notes of Impact Bed Installation

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                        Factors affecting the use effect of buffer bed:

                        1. Design of buffer bed and its impact resistance;

                        2. Quality of buffer strip;

                        3. Whether the material selection of buffer bed support is reasonable;

                        4. Whether the installation of buffer bed is applicable to the requirements of "triple buffer".

                        Advantages of Debang buffer bed:

                        1. Professional engineers design the buffer bed according to the working conditions of customers, make use of computer graphics, adopt three-dimensional design, and calculate all dimensions more accurately.

                        2. Adopt the high-quality buffer strip produced by our company to ensure the capacity of buffer bed to absorb and decompose the impact force.

                        3. In order to better ensure the impact resistance of the buffer bed, our company specially produces lining plates installed between the buffer strip and the support frame, so that the impact resistance of the buffer bed is stronger.

                        4. According to different working conditions, different steel is used as support frame to meet the working conditions of different customers, and it is easy to disassemble.

                        5. The unique bolt is used to fix the buffer strip to ensure that the buffer strip will not loosen during the use of the buffer bed.

                        6. The anti rust measures of buffer bed are spray painting, high-quality automobile paint is selected, spray twice, the anti rust effect is good, generous and beautiful.

                        7. Professional welding personnel shall conduct welding and grinding to ensure that the buffer bed is welded firmly and durable.

                        8. Simple installation and convenient maintenance.

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